Friday, June 24, 2016
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Bosnia - best MTB adventure destination in 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina is proclaimed for best mountain biking (MTB) adventure destination in 2012 by the prominent magazine National Geographic. This award is well deserved, but little known in foreign cycling circles.

Since the recent war many good things happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina that shows the world that this country is undiscovered jewel for outdoor sports and adventure.

Untouched nature is waiting for you

Mountain cycling, hiking, mountaineering, rafting and paragliding are just a few disciplines with huge potential for practicing in our country. Untouched nature with original way of life in some of the most beautiful locations wait for foreign tourists.

"Just when it seemed impossible to find untrammeled single track in Europe or snorkel uncharted waters in Australia, we're here to remind you that optimism pays off. New parks and trail systems, wacky weather patterns, and cosmic events can make a well-traveled planet feel full of new frontiers again. Here are the best adventure destinations for 2012" - said Claire Martin.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of that destinations that will remain in your good remembering. National Geographic knows that :)

More info can be found on official National Geographic website.

Photograph by Andy Ross, Exodus Travels



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